Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, here we sit......

In the hospital in Dallas with Drini aka Edna. She got out of the hospital last Thursday after a collapsed lung. She had a small chest tube first but that didn't work. They put in a larger chest tube . It did not completely re-inflate but they decided to give it more of a chance to heal and not do surgery. She had a doctor appt on Tuesday, Sept. 15th and it had re-collapsed by then. Crap!! So here she is again.

I decided to fly in to help her and arrived on Sat. the 12th. She went from using 2LPM of O2 when she came home to needing 4LPM by her doctor appt. She still de-sated to the 70's or low 80's when she walked short distances WITH oxygen.

OK, fast forward to today. Dr. Torres, Drini's Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) Doc, was here about an hour ago.

Erttttt....actually he just popped his head back in to ask if she ate today. He was speaking on a cellphone and told the person on the other end that she ate. I figure it was the lung surgeon. Yes, you saw that word right....surgeon. Darn it!!! It isn't a definite but a likely scenario. As he headed back out, he said that ïf you have the surgery, it will probably be tomorrow so don't eat anything".

OK, back up a bit. We came for here yesterday at 0900 for her CXR. She had an appt with the PH Clinic at 1000. She saw one of the fellows and he informed us that her lung had collapsed about 30% again. He was very good at explaining things and showed us her CXR's from pre-pneumothorax to the one that morning. That was nice of him. She had developed a bleb on her right lung. It apparently burst and the lung collapsed. Thank goodness it wasn't a sudden, complete collapse!

Anyway, they arranged for her to be a direct admit. Her favorite NP came in to tell her the plan. Before she left, she asked if there was anything else. I explained what a difficult time she had getting stuck last time and asked for a PICC. Soooo, while waiting to be admitted she had one put in. That was at 1330 and she didn't get up stairs until about 1830. The hospital was full to the brim and spilling over. The PICC nurse was so nice. Instead of having us go to the ER (it was full; it would have been the waiting room), she had us wait in the procedure room where the PICC was put in. When the room was ready, she pushed took us up.

The floor was still damp when we got there and she hadn't actually been put in the computer when we arrived at the room. Of course, then the parade began. Nurse came in to do a quick assessment, 3 docs (I think 2 were interns).....etc, etc.

I left about 2100 to go back to Drini's house. What a long day.

So, here we are. Waiting for the lung surgeons to come by to assess and plan. Her in bed on 100% O2 non-rebereather mask (it has helped alot) and me on the computer. That's the story.

Please keep praying!!!

Take care,

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