Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Monday, September 7, 2009



Been awhile! Lots has been happening...son graduating high school, then moving out on his own, new nurse at work, medical students at work (yes, I got my hands on them for their PH education), my docs family having a grandchild-in-law stolen by the state........geesh. I don't know why I stopped writing. You would think all of this would provide lots of fodder for the mind and fingers.

I am going to skip ahead of all of that for now - sorry. What is foremost on my mind is that my close phriend Drini/Edna has been in the hospital since last week. She had a chest Xray done because she hadn't been feeling well. While she was waiting to get the results, She called to report she was feeling even worse. It sounds like the nurse discovered the results while she was talking to her. She at first told her to go to the nearest ER. So, off she went. Shortly after, she got another call telling her to go to UT Southwestern Hospital (her PH Center). Another CXR showed her right lung was 50% collapsed. Dr. Torres, her PH doc, came down himself to put a chest tube in. It sounds like it was a small catheter. Well, that didn't work. They had clamped it off to take her downstairs for another CXR. The lung had collapsed again by the time she got down there. Soooo, she got a bigger tube. Now Drini, bigger is not always better! Since then they do portable CXR's. Today's CXR showed it was about the same. Well Crap! The doctor talked to her about her options....the most likely being surgery. I feel soooooo bad that I cannot be there for her right now. I can't get out of work. Gotta have a job or no bills get paid. Bummer!

This is where we are both at - 550 miles apart. One in the hospital and one wanting to be. Does that sound weird or what. My fingers are just typing. I'm not censoring much. We should know the plan tomorrow. I hope it isn't surgery. She has been thru so much. She needs a break. Please pray for her also. Thanks.

Take care,

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Jen said...

Ali..I heard she is planning to go home tomorrow..I am happy the tube is coming out and no surgery...

Sounds like lots been going on in your world..Keep updating more often...I know..with work and is hard..

Miss reading your posts...
Take care...

Hugs :))