Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm falling down on the job!

So, I updated the PHA message board and FaceBook ( but didn't get here. I guess I am still catching up. Work was long but decent this week. It sure is nice to have more help nurse-wise. Especially since we started taking the TriCare contract. I was at a training this past week and my supervisor sat next to me (which is fine because we get along). One of the spreadsheets she pulled up showed the percentages of which insurances comprised our practice and TriCare was 49%. That means we have doubled our clientele since June of 2009! I think we could use a parttime assistant soon.

For those of you who know or are following Drini, here is the latest (taken from what I put on PHA)

09-25-09 Update
I spoke to her a little while ago and she is out of the Dallas hospital. She went to inpatient rehab in a hospital near her home. She sounds better today. What a long road this has been! She has alot of work to do to get her strength back. I hope it goes quickly so she can get home. She says hi to everyone.

09-27-09 evening
She is getting ready for her first "real" day in rehab tomorrow. She said they had her up at 0600 Saturday for OT, breakfast and PT. We will see what happens when they have the full plan of care formulated and enacted. I was kinda surprise to hear she had therapy on a weekend. Alot of rehab centers give people weekends off. I have a feeling she will be very tired tomorrow evening.
Her son, Jeremy, visited this weekend from D.C. She was really happy to see him. He even threw her an early birthday party. It made her really happy.
Jeremy told me she is getting her incentive spirometer higher than a few days ago. That has been a real challenge and will be for awhile. But, he said she had enough air to blow out her pretend candles (no fire allowed by the oxygen). She was also able to do a few transfers alone for the first time since surgery. Whooo Hoooo...progress. She is getting closer to home and it can't be soon enough!

So, that's all for tonight.

take care,

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Annette said...

Ali, hello. I can't believe how long I've been away from the computer, blogs, emails, even the PHA boards. I had no idea about Drini. I've read through all of your posts, now' I'm going to go to the message boards and try to figure out what exactly is going on with her. I've missed you and all of my other phriends. I need to get back into the swing of things. I hope Drini is OK.