Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home and wishing I was in TX

Sunday Morning Drini aka Edna Update

I got back home (mine in MO) last night after visiting Drini in TX. She was doing great when I left at 1245 on Saturday. She called me last night on her son's phone to let me know she has had a little setback. I was able to speak to the doctor handling her care on the ICU unit last night. Her kidney's were not putting out urine. The doctor's are running tests and believe she may be dehydrated. They have hung IV fluids and are trying to strike that balance between enough fluid for the kidney's but not too much for the heart.

I spoke to Nancy, her sister, a little while ago. She is now putting out a little urine. Nancy said she will be visiting this afternoon. She will have Drini use her phone to talk to me if she is able. The ICU has one family member appointed to talk to the nurse. That person then disseminates the info to everyone else. That way the nurse has more time for the actual patient care. Man, do I understand that. It is difficult to get the work done when you have to go thru the whole spiel multiple times! But I would also like to call myself :(

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Jen said...

Alister..I did not hear anything about Edna today..I have text her but I am sure she is not texting...I really hope that her kidneys are working better and she is recovering..I know it has to be hard not knowing every little thing...
You take care of you and have a good week...Not too busy I hope..

Hugs :)))