Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Friday, September 18, 2009

Drini Update

OK, I am going to update the last few days chronilogically from what I posted on the PHA message boards.

Thursday noon waiting game...

The lung surgeon came in this morning and told her he felt the risks outweighed the benefit. Dr Torres, her PH doctor, came in later and seemed surprised. He said he had not been able to consult with the lung doctor yet. The plan is for them to get their heads together and finalize plans. So, we are on hold......

Thursday, 09-17-09, Post Doctor-Conference Update

This afternoon, one of the lung associates came in and said "well, I hear you're having surgery tomorrow". Drini and I looked at each other and said "Oh". She was taken aback to say the least. All of those pre-op emotions all over again. Thinking about the body scrub they do the night before and morning of....remembering each moment what is going to happen. Etc, etc. After the respiratory therapist left (she gets breathing treatments every 4 hours 24/7), she was able to get a good nap. She woke up much more ok with it. Now we are just hanging out....waiting. Fortunantely, she has very good caregivers here. Her nurse today, Nicole, is a bundle of sunshine. She is able to listen to concerns as well as share the little good things that happen. That really helps.I'll update more tomorrow. She is scheduled for 0700 tomorrow. She thanks everyone for their prayers.

Friday at 0720

In fact, everything was on time today. Up at 0545 for bath and surgical scrub...etc. Went down at 0645 and she went to pre-op holding by 0655. She was much more at peace this morning. Her priest visited again last night. She is such a vibrant and soothing person. She gave her communion (again). Gosh, almost a repeat of yesterday except she never got downstairs and fasted until 1400. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!I will update later.

Friday at 0940

She is recovering in the ICU (per protocol). I was able to go in early along with her priest. She is already getting her color back. She looks great! They were able to remove the blebs and fix the lung. Whooo Hooooo. Thanks for the prayers everyone. I will keep updating while I am here. Unfortunantely I was unable to get more time off and have to leave tomorrow afternoon. Thanks all.

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