Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from TX

Feliz Navidad mi amigos y amigas!!!

Here is a picture of my tree at home back in MO.

I hope this finds you and yours having a very Merry Christmas.

Take care, ali

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Full Moon

This is a shot of the full moon thru the trees looking up from my driveway to my neighbors house. Doesn't really look like a full moon...more like Halloween to me (with the exception of the Christmas lights). I wanted a better shot of the full moon since this is the closest it would be for 8 more years. Unfortunantely, that would have meant getting back in the car to drive to where the hill/trees weren't in the background. After working all day, that wasn't happening. I saw it plainly. That was good enough.
This has been such a busy month. Working OT due to lots of sick ones big and small. Two sinus infections, yes plural, for yours truly. Two out of town doctor appointments (200 mile round trip each). Shopping interspersed. Wow, now that I have typed it, I can see why I am tired. I am taking a break in bed with my laptop right now.
We finished our Christmas tree this week. Shopping is done and the wrapping will be done tonight. Tomorrow morning I head to St Louis to pick up Edna. She will be driving back to TX with me. It will be so nice to have her company. She will get to see just how far in "the boonies" I live right now. I was hoping we would have snow when she came but no such luck. There will be a front coming in on Tuesday...don't know what time yet. I was planning on leaving Tuesday morning. That front better wait for Tuesday evening!
OK, break is over.....see ya later
Take care, ali

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let it snow ~~ let it snow ~~ let it snow

OK, so where have I been??? Work, work, work.....

I thought I would share our second snow of the season. The first one did not leave enough to photograph. I know this is not much snow but it is MY snow. I love this time of year. Fresh snow is so pretty.

What wasn't pretty is that one county did not adequately treat their roads. I drive about 30 miles one way to work and did a little "wiggle" once on the way. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

This week has been really hectic at work. Our secretary's husband had spinal surgery this week. Fortunantely he came thru OK. Boy do I miss her! We have a replacement but she is definitely NOT Gina. I know she is very good at her job but I did not quite realize how spoiled I am with her there. The rest of this week has been soooo busy making sure things don't get missed that she deals with. I have arrived early and ended up staying late for work-ins. On top of that, the cold-flu season is getting into full swing here. I'm starting to shoot people with antibiotics and/or steroids like they are Christmas presents. I try to lessen the pain by putting the cartoon character bandaids on my "big" people. Yes, Virginia, there is a child in most adults. They love those bandaids! Unfortunantely, one young lady waited too long to be treated and she ended up in the hospital. I feel so bad for her because she was here from out of state for a short term job. You never know what might happen....

Back to the snow. It warmed up enough for a day that it was gone within 48 hours. The temps have gone below freezing again but no more snow yet and none in the forecast. Cross your fingers for more.

Alright, time to motivate and get some more chores done.

Yáll take care, ali