Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Charles, my Pride and Joy, in FL at Sunrise

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well Crap

to borrow a phriends quote....well crap. Tampa Bay Bucs lost to Dallas. We need some consistency here guys. Hats off to the Dallas defense.

I had alot planned to get done after the game but only did one thing. I bought a new plant/bush last month. I can't remember the name of it. Knowing plant names is my mom's forte. Anyway, it is about 3 feet tall, has thick woody banches, and green leaves that turn bright shades of red as it gets colder. Which it is supposed to do tonight. The low is forecasted to be 32 tonight and 25 tomorrow. I had been meaning to get it transplanted sooner but it was not a priority. I am no expert on plants but I do know it would not like those temperatures in a plastic pot. I kept forgetting to have Charles do it so I decided to get it done. It is amazing the ways we learn to adapt chores when we can no longer lift heavy things. It now resides inside my rock garden area near the tiki torch. Nice! I decided to admire it from the dining room window. I wanted to sit outside but the inside was about 68 instead of 50 something.

Well, after that I had planned to cook something. Instead I had peanut butter bread with maple syrup spread and an apple.

The desk needed to have stuff put away....nope. Didn't get done.

Sweep the floor....ummmm....nope!

Am I feeling lazy? Yep! But I have decided to adhere to my Sunday philosophy and do whatever I want. Even, if it is nothing. That has been my afternoon. Read a little. Watch too much TV. Read cookbooks. Nope that didn't motivate wonders. Eat cheese quesadilla and frozen cherries, slightly thawed...really they are good that way. More TV. I guess my chili doesn't get cooked today. I don't feel guilty though because yesterday was a productive day.

Maybe I'l be more motivated when Tampa wins next week.

Y'all have a good one and take care, ali


It's Sunday!! Our boys are playing each other today Jen...15 minutes to start. Get ready to hear that cannon work over-time! Well, when they get home anyway.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

OK Jen, here ya go….a post :)

Yes, it is do-whatever-I-want day. At least it has become that now that I no longer have a job where I am on-call. I loved that job (most of it anyway) but I can sure get used to this too. I will also have every holiday off. Wow, I can make plans....more than 7 weeks ahead! I also did not realize how much having to get up in the middle of the night affected my health. I had gotten to the point where just getting thru the workday was a major feat. All I would do at night was lay down. Most days I didn't have the energy to cook dinner. The microwave was my buddy. And bedtime....well, some toddlers were probably up later. I should have changed jobs much sooner. What is that about hindsight? Anyway, I still have significant limitations but the quality of life is better. And the sun goes to bed before I do!

Man, has anyone watched the Cowboys and Rams today? Steven Jackson (Rams) is on Fire. That guy can run! Three TD's so far. I don't catch many of their games. I know...I live in MO but I am transplanted (no pun intended). My team, Tampa, doesn't play until tonight. I get to watch them at home on my regular cable channel tonight. Yeaaaaaa. I will have a special treat to go with the game. My smoker was fired up at about 0830 this morning and has a 14#pork butt in it. Yum! I have perfected my dry rub recipe. It should be spicy and falling apart good about the time the game starts. So, my phriends, if I am late for chat or only there for 10 minutes, you'll know why.

Take care, ali

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Beginning....

Isn't this a beautiful view. It was taken from my driveway in 2006. It is still one of my favorite pics.

This morning started like most. Coffee first, of course! (well, after the PH part of my routine...won't explain that now). It is so good to be able to have coffee again. Today I picked chocolate velvet....very good. Then I decided to see if the PHA message board was still is :( I do not usually check it on the mornings I work but it has become an integral part of my weekend morning routine. So, I proceeded to what I usually do next and checked the blogs of my phriends and friends. I have been considering doing one myself. So, today is the day!

It is beautiful here today. The morning temp was in the low 60's. Nice. It is supposed to get up to about 80. To warm for me but by Tuesday it will drop to 70. Again, nice! then the rest of the week is forecasted to be in the mid to upper 60's. Ah, yes, maybe I can start going outside more again. I get so tired of looking at the word from behind glass. But, it can be worse. I have been 2004 when I had a heart problem that almost took me out and found out I have PH. It reinforced my "live every day as if it is your last" motto. Of course, I plan for the future but I try not to dwell on it.

Well, it is Sunday at about 1100 and I haven't even dressed yet. And for those that know know one of my priorities on Sundays. Football!!! My team plays at noon and I better get busy to catch it.

Take care, Ali